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We have a profound appreciation for the significance of preserving those early moments of your newborn. Our primary dedication lies in creating exquisite photographs that capture the sheer innocence of your precious little one. Our top-notch newborn photographers are not only exceptionally creative but also extensively trained, committed to crafting portraits that will eternally hold a special place in your heart. Whether you want pictures of your baby's early weeks or to follow their growth, we stand as the foremost newborn photographers in Tarneit. We offer enduring, top-tier visuals that capture moments in their purest form.

Our unique strength is capturing these precious moments, giving you wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. As an Indian photographer, we also take pride in offering affordable newborn photography, bringing a touch of cultural familiarity to your special moments.

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Step into our delightful baby gallery, featuring adorable newborn photoshoots taken in Tarneit. These images encapsulate the pure joy of infancy, expertly preserved by our skilled newborn photographer for everlasting enjoyment.

Take a look at our wonderful gallery to see what we've done before. And when you're ready, you can even book your own newborn baby photoshoot. We're here to make your memories shine!


Newborn Photography Sessions start at $400 and include;

- 90 Minutes - 3 hours of Studio Session
- Family shoot/Sibling shoot Option available
- High-quality Props, Wraps, Outfits & headgear for the Newborn to choose from.
- Full Gallery of individually retouched images for you to select your collection.
- Customized Albums/Prints/Products options

We do Also Offer a More Elaborated session which captures all the details & cuteness of your new bub.


affordable photography packages available - TARNEIT

Awesome Possum Photography, your specialist for affordable newborn photography in Tarneit. With an Indian photographer at the helm, we capture your precious moments with expertise and care. Trust us for the best and most affordable photography experience, preserving memories that truly matter.

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Inviting Tarneit Families to Embrace Our Newborn Photography Servicess

A heartfelt welcome to all Tarneit families, inviting you to partake in our exceptional and affordable newborn photography services. Safeguard the priceless memories of your newborn in Tarneit through our outstanding newborn photography expertise. Our expert photographers can also provide you with creative newborn photoshoot ideas, ensuring your moments are beautifully captured and cherished.

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Dedicated to capturing the essence of newborn moments, our team of passionate photographers is committed to delivering an exceptional photography experience. Tailored packages, catering to your preferences and budget, await your choice. For those seeking reliable and professional newborn photography in Tarneit, seize the moment and book your shoot today. Call or use our online form to secure your session now!

Ready to book Newborn Photography session?




You Definitely can, however there would be an additional Charge for that which would be Mentioned to you in the Agreement.

What should I expect during a session?

Sessions can last a few hours and include a mix of posed shots, candid moments, and family portraits. Patience is key, as babies might need breaks for feeding and soothing.

When should i book for a newborn session?

As soon as you know you are Pregnant ;) ..... okay that was bit too much to Ask hee hee, we ideally suggest Newborn session to be done between 5-25 days of Birth so once you are on your 32 Weeks of Pregnancy , you should tentatively book for a newborn session. We always are flexible with the date if the session is booked.


Between Soothing, Feeding & Preparing for shots our Newborn Sessions are quite uncertain about the timings. We are completely ok with that & completely understand if your bub needs a break & hence do not rush the session however approximate timings for each sessions are mentioned in our Package.

How do I prepare my baby for a photography session?

Keep your baby well-fed and comfortable before the session. Dress them in loose-fitting clothes to avoid leaving marks on their skin.

Can family be included in the photo shoot?

Absolutely! Including family members in the photos can create beautiful and meaningful memories. Discuss this with your photographer beforehand.

What is the duration of the session?

The session typically lasts around 1 to 2 hours.

Beyond Newborn Baby Photography: Our Diverse Services Await

Renowned as Tarneit's premier baby photographer, Awesome Possum Photography presents an exquisite opportunity for stunningly styled maternity photography, Kids and Family photography. Celebrate your path to motherhood through our lens, capturing this remarkable journey. Reach out to us for further details on how we can beautifully encapsulate this extraordinary phase of your life.