Maternityshoot Prep Guide & Tips

You must read and submit the information before the shoot

1. Style – Everyone is different and has their idea of what their session should look like. If possible, send me some sample shots (which you have) of things you like or definitely would like to include in the shoot so I can try to customize your session. I will try to replicate the same Poses however poses or scenarios might be different sometimes due to lack of same props availability.

2. Makeup & Grooming- If you are not hiring a professional Hair & Makeup artist ( We Would recommend you to Hire a professional as it is a very special Moment which you are going to treasure forever & You Deserve to Get Spoiled & look beautiful for that). Our Highly recommended makeup & Hair Artists charge around $120-$150.00 per person so please let us know in advance if you wish to book them in. If you are going to get ready by yourself we would recommend very Light Natural/Dewy Makeup & loose curls. However, we still prefer to go with your styling & grooming as you like. Make sure Nails are either Fully Painted or completely blank to avoid any chipped nail polish coming in the Picture.

3. Jewelry & Accessories- Go for Minimal Jewelry to avoid focus going on them rather on the moments/mum to be. Any diamond studs, small pearls will look beautiful with a simple chain/pearl necklace. Bracelets, watches & rings will look good however it might not be visible if you choose to wear full sleeve gowns. Flat sandals are ideally good as most of the gowns are long/trail and legs won't be visible. You are welcome to wear heels if you do feel comfortable in them.

4. props & Headgears- I would Brings all our Headgears & props collection to choose from on the day. Ideally, we use 2-3 headgears & 3-4 Props in the session. You are welcome to bring any other props you would like to incorporate during the shoot. Most of my Props include- Announcement Board, a fake Flower bouquet, baby shoes, baby clothes, books, balloons, etc. Please do bring your Baby Scan for the Photoshoot.

5. Session – Be prepared to stay for 1:00-1:20 hours to ensure we get the best photos. Please bring in some Snacks & Water to keep your body fed & hydrated during the session.

6. Prep – I am going to take photos of your beautiful body, so remove any tight-fitting items that may leave marks on your skin at least 90 minutes prior to the session.

7. Grooming for Dad/Siblings– Dad/Siblings may be in a couple of photos as well, so make sure nails and beards (for Dads) are trimmed and avoid logo tops, Heavy Patterns. Contrast Clothing, semi-casual wear or Formalwear is highly suggested. Also, carry an extra pair of Blazer or a Jacket to have a change of on the spot outfit 😊

8. Relax – Take the time you need before your session to relax; this activity is intended to make you feel celebrated and beautiful and we want you to enjoy your time with me.

We Look Forward to Seeing You!

We prefer to please go through our website for ideas & samples. you are welcome to send Inspirational Images from Pinterest or Other sources which we would consider into our posing, styling however please note we will not exactly replicate that & certainly like to add our creativity or styling into that.